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Make Your Home Smart from the Start with Home Automation

Classic Spanish-style home in Palm Beach, Florida, ready for home automation.

Plan Ahead for Your Dream Smart Home

Are you buying, building, or remodeling a home in Palm Beach, FL? Then, this is the perfect opportunity to tailor it for you completely. One of the things you need to consider early on in the process is smart home automation

Before the project is too far along, you’ll want to work with a professional smart home company. Smart home features may involve wiring, centralized control and entertainment equipment locations, electrical considerations, and much more. With the right planning, whether you opt for a Savant, Crestron, or Control4 smart home system, you can have your dream automated home. What are some of the things you can do? Just keep reading below!

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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the most popular smart home technologies people want. And today’s options are better than ever. Modern LED lighting is 80% more efficient than incandescent lighting and lasts up to ten times longer. Moreover, today’s systems like Lutron’s Ketra are capable of dynamic, tunable lighting that can change white color temperature and color. 

Imagine being able to dim your living area to the level of warm candlelight for relaxing or using color lighting to make your interiors pop for a party. Tunable lighting can also be used to dial in color to make your carefully curated art collection look like museum pieces. You can control it all with elegant, programmable, multi-functional keypads, touchscreens, and even your voice. The earlier you plan this luxury lighting with your architect, builder, and smart home company, the easier it is to fully integrate it into your new home. 

Motorized Shades and Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are a must in luxury Florida homes. They control the sunlight in your home for optimal comfort and efficiency. While wireless solutions can be installed in many homes, high-end homes with many large windows benefit from wired solutions that won't require battery replacement and won't be limited by window size or treatment style. With early planning, you can enjoy the luxury of window treatments that open and close by your choice of control or the simplicity of schedules

Whole-Home Entertainment

Want unlimited entertainment in your new home, with every source available in every room and even outdoors? A whole-house AV system delivers a consistent experience in every room, with high-definition sound and 4K or 8K video everywhere. Listen to any music in all or some parts of your home, and call up TV, streaming sources, and movie video libraries on any screen in the house. This type of system requires planning from the start for wiring, equipment location, and networking considerations. 

Comprehensive Security

You'll want your new residence to be as safe as possible. With modern security and surveillance, you can keep an eye on your property and control it from afar. Wire your new home inside and out for security cameras that monitor your Palm Beach property 24/7. You can also install smart locks to provide access to your service personnel and avoid keys that can be easily duplicated. With smart security technology, you can remain in full control. A comprehensive security plan is easier to implement in the design phase of your new home or remodel.


Are you looking for an expert to help you with integrating home automation? Frangioni Media designs and installs custom home technology solutions in cities worldwide, from Palm Beach to Paris. Contact our team here to discuss your project and learn more!

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