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How Blackdove & Others Create Authentic Art Experiences with NFT Digital Art

Extra-large video wall display in modern office showing digital NFT artwork

The World of Art Goes Digital!

Like so many things, the world of art is going digital. Much like digital music, it has taken some years of technology and business model evolution to make it happen. The music business has transformed itself from content sold as ownership of physical media to a subscription model that offers up most of the world’s recorded music at the swipe of a screen. The art world, of course, has been a physical one for the most part. But now, innovative digital technology and business models are democratizing the enjoyment of fine art for many through NFT.

Let’s take a closer look at Blackdove, a digital platform using NFT technology to enable people to purchase, collect, display, and manage authentic digital art on any high-quality display anywhere in the world, from Miami, FL, to Sydney, Australia. As Blackdove puts it, they want to make the world a bit more beautiful through the magic of NFT digital displays. Read more about Blackdove and how you can beautify your spaces below!

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What is Blackdove?

Blackdove is creating a market for limited edition digital art. In the digital world, you need mechanisms to ensure something is original and not a copy or fake. That’s where NFT technology comes in. Using the same blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrency, NFT enables the security and mechanisms for artists to be compensated for their original creations. Just like some art has a limited set of print runs, Blackdove’s platform provides a secure way to create a business model for digital art.

How Does it Work?

Blackdove has made it easy to get started with digital NFT-based art. Their Digital Canvas offers subscription models covering hardware and software that suit individuals, collectors, and patrons of the arts. You can choose from high-resolution digital displays ranging from 49 to 98 inches, and subscription plans for one, five, or unlimited displays with various options for art displays. The Member level lets you display featured artwork (consider it a Pandora channel with limited control), while the collector level lets you use five displays and upload your collected NFT art. The Patron level goes unlimited with displays and private uploads, akin to an Apple Music subscription on steroids.

What’s more, you can choose to install your own displays or have Blackdove take care of them. Blackdove is also creating partnerships with the best display vendors like LG to bring NFT artwork to smart TVs and commercial digital signage displays.

The NFT Art Market

There are marketplaces popping up everywhere.  OpenSea is a well-known market for collecting art, a bit like Etsy does for unique creative products. They make it easy to acquire NFT art from featured artists, collections, and art types. For home and commercial spaces, BlackDove integrates with home automation and display tiling solutions from Crestron, Control4 and Savant for seamless control of art displays with matching lighting, music, and other smart functionality to blend art into the perfect ambiance for a home, office, or venue.

Looking to enjoy the digital NFT art experience? Frangioni Media designs and installs custom home technology solutions in cities worldwide, from Miami to Paris. Contact our team here to discuss your project and learn more.

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