Unique Ways to Use Whole-Home Audio & Video


Audio Video Solutions to Enhance Your Everyday Life

Stuck at home? Why not make the most of it and create a lively atmosphere in every room with whole-home audio and video? Yes, multi-room audio is often used to entertain guests and host parties with fun playlists. But there are plenty of unique and less-common ways to use our audio video solutions that you may have overlooked. Who knows? Maybe it will become a part of your everyday routine!

To add some flair and relaxation to your Miami, FL daily life, read on for multi-room audio and video ideas below.


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Keep Up with Podcasts

Whether you listen to podcasts about pop culture, current events, or something offbeat like the “Random History of Belgium,” they’re a fun way to learn or laugh throughout the day. Many people listen to podcasts or radio shows while commuting, but if you’re not on the go, how can you keep up? Why not let your podcasts play in the background of your daily activities? With whole-home speakers installed throughout your house and connected to a smart system, you can select a podcast from your phone (or tell your voice assistant to play one) and enjoy the content in every area. Walk from the kitchen to the bedroom upstairs and back down to the living room, and your podcasts will follow every step, no headphones needed.


Restore with Yoga & Meditation

Need a breather? Why not use your multi-room music setup to bring yourself to a state of mindfulness? An integrated speaker system is stress-free, allowing you to quickly select each device from your system’s app, choose the music, and voila. Enjoy meditative or reiki music in your home to find presence or put on an instructional yoga playlist to strengthen your body and mind. Connect the speakers to your screen in one tap and watch a yoga how-to video with surrounding audio.  It’s aesthetically beautiful and sonically awesome.


Bring Entertainment Outdoors

Why limit audio and video to the house only? Give yourself some vitamin D and fresh air—or a night under the stars—with outdoor audio and video. Weatherproof high-end TVs, screens and speakers can withstand the elements year-round, so you can listen to your favorite albums or dive into a new show by the patio, porch, pool, or while you garden. There’s even a Porsche C-SEED 201” TV that comes up from the ground, unfolds then retracts hidden under the earth!  The possibilities are wide-open and endless!


Pump Up Your Workouts

Select the music from your smartphone, tablet, or wall control panel, and let upbeat tunes fill your home (or backyard) for a home workout including video.  Or connect speakers to your screens in one tap for an instructional cardio video. With the ease of connection from one system, you’ll find yourself fitting more exercise into your week. Strength challenges, Pilates, cycling—whatever your preferred activity, it’s amplified with a whole-home audio system and integrated flawlessly with video.


Ready to bring integrated audio video solutions to your home? Frangioni Media is an expert in designing and installing high-end home audio, video, and smart home systems. Contact us here to get started today.

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