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David Frangioni

Interested in Smart House Technology? Start During Construction.


Before the Walls Are Sealed & Finished, Plan for Home Automation

If you’re building a new home or undergoing a renovation, and you’d like to include a smart home system, don’t wait until construction is complete. Many homeowners assume smart technology is an add-on they can do later, like choosing paint colors or furniture.

But ideally, you should be planning to incorporate a smart system from the very beginning of your project.

Our home automation company works alongside architects and home builders to appropriately plan where wiring and technology systems should go. We help create stunning smart houses in Naples, FL and cities around the world.

Below, we’ll share why early smart home design is essential and how working with a professional can make all the difference.  

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Wired Smart Systems Are Still Supreme

You wouldn’t illuminate your home on only battery-powered lamps, right? Think of a smart home system in the same way. A smart home that only runs on wireless devices is less reliable and strong than a wired network.

You need your smart lighting, shading, thermostats, AV, and security to respond to your commands every time—not just most of the time. And you’d benefit from all of your technology being integrated into one easy-to-use system. By connecting your home through structured, proper cabling, you can depend on technology to be responsive and work together.

In cases where you will use wireless, Wi-Fi-connected devices, we can build a strong home network that reaches every area. It’s best to plan for your smart home ahead of time, so we can discreetly run wires within the walls leaving only a clean, seamless appearance.

The Many Phases of Installation

Just like building a house must be done in many stages, a smart system installation also requires many steps. We first need to determine your system’s scope. Will you be including whole-home audio, smart spa controls, or security devices? Once we’ve selected the features you’d like to include, we’ll design a system and begin engineering.

From there, we’ll source the best equipment and put together a system rack that houses the controller—the “brain” of your smart home. Finally, we’ll install the technology systems throughout the house.

If you want to move into a home that’s already equipped with smart technology, don’t wait until the end of your building project. We’ll work alongside your builders, electricians, and other contractors so that your smart house is move-in ready.

Partner with a Home Automation Company  

When you work with a smart home professional, you’ll have access to the most sophisticated, intelligent home systems, including Crestron, Control4, and Savant. Frangioni Media is an automation expert that serves Naples and luxury clients worldwide.

Are you ready to bring convenience and style to your new home? Contact Frangioni Media to get started today.

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