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David Frangioni

The Smart Possibilities of a Crestron Home


Why Crestron Home Automation Is in a League of Its Own

If you’re ready to simplify daily life with a smart home system, one of your first steps is to choose a brand.

There are several home options, but we recommend Crestron for large luxury homes or multiple properties. Why? Crestron is a high-end smart home manufacturer that’s used everywhere—from universities to sports stadiums to Tom Brady’s house.

What makes Crestron home automation special? The Crestron Home platform is completely customizable, allowing for “magical” control and automation of your home’s systems. We design and install Crestron systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and cities throughout the world. Here’s why we love working with Crestron.

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Compatible with All Your Home’s Systems

Whether you’re looking for automated lights or a smart thermostat, Crestron designs and builds its own products from its New Jersey headquarters. Crestron’s electronics fit seamlessly into one easy-to-control system, but you aren’t limited to only their products. You can also integrate devices made by Google, Lutron, Sonos, Amazon, LG, Samsung, and many, many more.

When you live in a Crestron Home, you have total control over:

  • Lighting
  • Motorized shades
  • Multi-room audio
  • TVs and projectors
  • Security cameras and alarms
  • Water and gas detection
  • Satellite and cable feeds
  • Home network and Wi-Fi
  • HVAC
  • Pool and spa
  • And more!

Even if you’re far away from home, your house is always reachable right from your pocket. Open the Crestron Home app, and you’re free to turn devices on or off, activate smart scenes, or check surveillance cameras. It’s all connected to one system: Crestron!

Customized to Your Liking

For most smart home hubs and controllers, what you see is what you get. It’s not so with Crestron! A Crestron dealer, like Frangioni Media, can modify the interface to suit your unique needs. We can rename commands and eliminate any controls you don’t think you’ll need. That way, your interface will be less cluttered, and you’ll enjoy a faster, smoother experience.

You can personalize button commands across your Crestron system, too. For example, we can make it so that a single “Tap” on a wall keypad shuts off a room’s technology, while “Press and Hold” powers off the whole house. Control panels may be set to ‘Dark Mode’ after sundown, especially helpful in dark rooms like the home theater and bedroom.

Follows Your Schedule

Every evening, the sun sets, and we need to turn on the lights and lower shades. Why not have your house do it for you? Crestron Home can be scheduled to automatically activate all your indoor and landscape lights at the appropriate time. When it’s time to turn them off, it will on its own.

Crestron lighting control not only lets you customize when lights turn on but also how they appear. In the afternoon, we’ll program your lights to transition into warm, amber hues, creating a cozy atmosphere for golden hour. By bedtime, your lights gradually taper to 30 percent brightness, encouraging your mind to produce melatonin, so you sleep soundly.

Automation isn’t only for lighting. We can schedule thermostats, alarms, motorized shades, and just about any device to follow a routine. You won’t have to run around your house turning things on and off any longer. Crestron can do it for you.


Are you interested in Crestron home automation? We install custom luxury systems for homeowners across Fort Lauderdale and beautiful cities worldwide. Connect with us to get started on your smart home today!

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