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David Frangioni

Interior Designers, Source Your Home Theater Installations from an Expert


Partner with a Home Theater Specialist to Bring Cinematic Designs to Life

As an interior designer, you understand color, light, taste and much more. You know how to light up a room and translate a client’s desires into a place to call home.  

But while it’s natural for you to find wallpapers and unique furniture, do you know who to best go to for a home theater design?

If your clients want their own private cinema, you need to know where to turn for equipment, acoustic treatments, and installing it all into an easy-to-use system. Rather than hire a random AV guy, look for a luxury home theater designer to handle this side of your projects.  

Frangioni Media is a technology integrator specializing in luxury home theater design in Palm Beach, FL, and cities worldwide. We’ll share what exactly a home theater installer does and how they can leverage your projects to higher levels.

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Creating the Perfect Room

All home theaters start with the room. A rectangular room will offer stronger acoustics than a square-shaped space, and ideally, there won’t be any windows to cause glare. But even if we’re working with a square-shaped and window-filled room, we can ensure the viewing experience is still first-rate.

A professional home theater installer also designs & implements acoustic treatments with soundproofing on the walls and ceiling to contain the audio and make the speakers sound balanced. We’ll recommend blackout motorized shades so the client can easily block sunlight for daytime viewings. Windows can tamper with acoustics, so thick shades are helpful even after dark.

Curating the Best Equipment

After decades in the home theater business, we know what works best for everything from cinemascope projectors, Atmos receivers to LED lighting.  Maybe your homeowners want a larger-than-life screen but the same quality as a 4K OLED TV.  Or perhaps your client wants immersive surround sound using Dolby Atmos but doesn’t like clutter. We know how to expertly install James, Genelec or Sonance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers without a wire in sight.

Beautiful Wiring, Programming & Installing

A home theater should be easy to access and intuitive to use. That’s why we connect all of a theater’s systems, from Kaleidescape to AppleTV to Blu-ray players to smart lighting, into one smart control system. Your clients can turn on the entire room with one tap on their smartphone app, tablet, or wall keypad. We’ll discreetly run wires through walls to connect all the technology. So, whether they’re dimming the lights, closing the drapes, or selecting a Netflix movie, it’s all done through one sleek system. 

Ready to take your interior design projects to an all-new level? Consult Frangioni Media, a home theater expert that can create the home cinemas of your clients’ dreams. We look forward to working with you!

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