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Movies are a unique medium, one that takes up all the senses and stirs the soul. The film medium has been described as storytelling combined with painting, photography, music, dance, and theater. A film is powerful magic, making us cheer, cry, and laugh -- often all at the same time.

The cinema itself can be thought of as a temple dedicated to the singular act of being transported. The art form deserves more than an insufficient screen with less than stellar sound. Bob Balaban, the actor and producer, sums this feeling up nicely:

“I mean, the whole idea of movies was it was special to go to see - you went to a movie theater to see something that was magical and amazing, in a very special location.”

Read on to learn how our home theater systems exceed your expectations for your Naples, FL, entertainment space.



Room Relevance

A home theater that meets your demanding requirements brings together a room’s visual aesthetics with the highest-end technologies. Unlike a media room, it’s a dedicated space tuned perfectly that works to remove you from the distractions of the outside world - allowing you to embrace the story entirely.

We understand that the room is just as important as the technology used to deliver the content. Whether you are looking to recreate the glory of movie palaces or a more minimalist modern take, calibrating the space with acoustic treatments accentuate the sound and vision. This reduces reflections and dampens unwanted harmonics, resulting in crisper and clearer audio from the sound system. Video is improved with materials that absorb any spillover light, intensifying the image on the screen.

The Intimacy of Light

Video is, of course, is the centerpiece of any movie experience, for it is where the main elements of the story will be told. The projector and screen are intimately connected, determining the quality of the images you see. 

An ultra-high definition 4K projector generates a stunning spectrum of colors, incredible contrast ratios, and a depth of field that blurs the line between the image and reality is just the start. Movies are made to be seen in wide aspect ratios such as Cinemascope, further enhancing the tone and feel.  Our projection systems ensure that you have the full image, filling the screen and avoiding the black frames many less capable projectors produce.  You’ll see the movie exactly as the filmmaker intended you to see it, and better than most commercial theaters can present.

The screen may seem to be just an inert surface to project the video onto; its surface is critical in generating the highest quality images. Screens are specially designed to maximize the output of a projector. The surface amplifies and directs the reflected light in ways that strengthen the video delivery to your eyes. 

Setting the Sound Stage

Hitchcock once stated that a great movie’s storyline should be understood without sound. While this may be true, the element of sound envelopes us in the action. 

Surround sound accentuates the actor’s dialog; it sets the stage and informs us in ways that the visual components cannot. From the subtle sound cues passing through the scene to the air of a room increasing our sense of being there, Sound is a character itself.

A Dolby Atmos system imparts an immersive quality, treating the mix not in terms of channels but as objects placed in the listening space. Films are mixed and encoded in Dolby Atmos, so your theater will reproduce exactly what was mixed in Hollywood.  The most comprehensive system will produce dramatic results with an experience that is compatible among all listening formats (5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, etc).

A properly designed and calibrated system with the correct room intensifies the moment, allowing you to experience every nuance, whisper, and Michael Bay-style explosion.

Frangioni Media utilizes our deep connection to professional audio recording and industry-leading whole-home integration to bring the ultimate home theater to your home.

With the highest-end home theater installation services by Frangioni Media, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your Naples, Fl, home theater is the height of luxury. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started on your project today!

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