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Crestron vs. Savant: Comparing Home Automation Systems


Explore Each Smart Home Platform to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Crestron and Savant are two of the biggest names in the home automation market—and it’s a well-deserved reputation. While many plug-and-play products tout the phrase “smart home,” Crestron and Savant are two of the few brands that truly offer full smart home systems. They’re wholly capable of automating and controlling all your devices, from televisions to lighting control to HVAC to security cameras.

So, which system is best: Crestron or Savant?  

At Frangioni Media, we’re certified Crestron and Savant dealers, serving homeowners in Naples, FL, and cities worldwide. But we’re here to analyze each home automation setup objectively, highlighting the benefits and disadvantages of both to help you find the right fit for your property. Let’s get started.


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What Crestron & Savant Have in Common

Both Crestron and Savant let you sync all your home’s systems under one network, one unified App.  You’ll conveniently control your entire property (or multiple properties) through your smartphone app, tablet, remote, wall panel, or even voice command. Want to wake up to motorized shades that automatically rise, a thermostat that adjusts on its own, and smart lights that turn on exactly when you need them? It’s possible with both Savant and Crestron.  Plus, you don’t switch between Apps, you use one App to control every function, individually or in specified groups.

Through Crestron and Savant, you can wirelessly control and automate:

  • Lighting and shades
  • Security cameras and alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • Garage doors
  • Gates & Pedestrian Doors
  • Thermostats and HVAC systems
  • Multi-room speakers & audio
  • Home Theater system
  • Pool and spa controls
  • And much more!

Both systems let you control an infinite number of lights in your house, and both seamlessly integrate with Lutron lighting systems. Savant and Crestron allow you to access your home system remotely, so even if you’re across the country, you can check on your door locks, lights, etc.  


What Savant Does Best

Founded in 2005, Savant is a relative newcomer in the smart home world. But Savant immediately stood out for its sleek, attractive interface that’s intuitive to use. Savant works using the Apple framework, which means you can easily incorporate all your Apple devices.

Savant’s Disadvantages

Savant lacks Crestron’s advanced compatibility and customization options. Savant can’t work with some popular alarm and HVAC systems, so if you already own smart devices, check beforehand if they are Savant compatible.  Also, running your system on an Apple computer sounds better than it sometimes works.  Computers crash more often than dedicated automation processors, which gives Crestron an edge here.

Choose Savant If

Savant is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple home automation tool to control through a single app. If you don’t need any complicated customizations, Savant is a “smart” option.


What Crestron Does Best

Founded in 1971, Crestron has long been a home automation pioneer, manufacturing its own hardware from its New Jersey headquarters. Crestron builds its own processors and smart lighting systems which is why it’s a top choice for smart controls, touch panels, AV distribution, home conferencing, and motorized shades. Crestron systems are incredibly customizable for any home size or requirements, as each property’s system is individually designed by a certified dealer.

Crestron Disadvantages

Crestron systems can sometimes require more development time which may not be ideal for some homeowners nor do all homeowners need the advanced control options that Crestron offers..  

Choose Crestron If

If you want to build an automation system that’s fine-tuned to your exact needs, a Crestron integrator can design and install a system customized to your imagination. If you require a large installation with high-end results, choose Crestron.

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