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Why Settle for a Regular TV? The Tech Transforming Entertainment & Décor


Out-of-This-World Audio & Video Ideas You Can Try at Home

Are you looking for more wow-factor than your typical living room flat-screen or smart speaker? There are fabulous people in fabulous homes across the world enjoying screens that descend from the ceiling, ascend from the ground in their backyard, hidden behind mirror TVs, and world-class audio across their entire property. Why not you?

If you’re ready for an entertainment upgrade in your Florida home, get inspired by the latest luxury home technology below. As a high-end AV installer in Naples, FL, and cities throughout the world, this is just a snapshot of the most exciting home technology we install.


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Lift Your TV Out of the Ceiling or Ground

Do you wish you could have a TV in the bedroom, but it would obstruct the ceiling-length windows and your spectacular view? Or are you struggling to find a TV location against a curved wall? Imagine a television that disappears when not in use and then, at one press of a button, descends from the ceiling or rises from the floor.

Future Automation’s TV lifts are a creative solution for any tricky rooms or minimalistic homeowners. Your flat-screen will neatly rise from the floor and swivel towards you without requiring a TV stand or mount. Their displays can pivot at multiple viewing angles and even offer Under Bed lifts that glide out from under the bed.

Embrace Minimalism with Invisible Audio

As audiophiles, we love whole-home audio that brings crystal-clear sound to every corner of a house. But you don’t need bulky speakers in every corner or on all your tables. Hidden audio by speaker brands like Sonance and James Loudspeaker is installed within your walls or ceilings, almost like recessed lighting, with a small grille cover. But you can take your system a step further with invisible audio.

Invisible audio is implemented within the walls and when finished over, there is no trace of a speaker whatsoever. You’ll still hear robust tunes, and with an in-wall subwoofer, it brings the bass to all your favorites, whether that’s Adele or The Beatles.

Mirrors and Artwork That Are Really TVs 

When guests step into your dining room or den, they’ll have no idea the impressive mirror or masterpiece on the wall is actually a TV. But once you turn it on, the mirror or artwork will transform into an HD screen with impeccable color contrast and detail. Séura is a renowned mirror TV brand, while Samsung’s The Frame can disguise as a piece of art on the wall.  Mirror TV’s are very popular to use in a bathroom as well.

Hide the Projector Inside the Ceiling or Wall

What’s the point of a projector screen that reclines into the ceiling if your projector is still hanging in the middle of the media room? That’s what many of our clients wonder, but luckily, we can build sleek projector lifts that will retract into the wall or ceiling, leaving behind only a flat surface that blends into the room.  


Cover an Entire Wall in Video

Imagine a hallway wall that displays soothing nature scenes all day. Or a home theater/lounge space with a massive wall-sized screen you can’t miss. MicroLED panels offer ultra-realistic visuals on scalable panels stitched together for any desired dimension. MicroLEDs display microscopic LED lights that form individually lit pixels. This allows for richer contrasts, faster response times (essential for gaming), and a display that lasts much longer than LCD or LED screens.

Looking for a world-class, unrivaled entertainment system? Frangioni Media is your destination for larger-than-life TV and speaker solutions. Contact our team here to discuss a solution that will work for your home. Or sign up for our free monthly newsletter on our homepage to stay updated on the latest in luxury AV.

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