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David Frangioni

10 Audio-Video Ideas to Try in Your Smart Home


You’ll Never Use Your Home Theater or Speaker System the Same Way 

Are you ready to turn your home into a luxurious ‘smart’ house with connected technology? With an advanced operating system like Crestron or Savantthe possibilities are nearly endless. 

But in this article, we’re focusing on how automation can improve your home’s audio video solutionsHome theaters, TVs, and speaker systems are more convenient to use and customize when synched into a smart system. 

As a high-end smart home installer based in Palm Beach, FL, and cities worldwide,we’ll share the latest audio-video ideas you can implement at home below. 


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1. Stream Music in Every Room 

Imagine a dedicated keypad in each room that lets you select playlists, raise the volume, or turn on a specific speaker. Whether you use hidden in-ceiling speakers or statementloudspeakers, a smart home installer can sync them all into one easy-to-control system. No matter where you walk, your favorite tunes will follow you.  

2. All-in-One Music Server 

Savant or Crestron can serve as your music server where you’ll access streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, digital music collections, radio, and even your CD or record players. Through your smart system interface, you’ll choose the media source you want and play high-resolution music across the house. 

3. Automate When Your SpeakersPlay

Many of us enjoy music or podcasts for specific activities like working, studying, or exercising. Imagine as you turn on the gym lights, your workout playlist begins at your preferred volume level. Or as you open the shower doors, mellow music starts playing. We can program settings for every room of the house, combining lights and shades for the ideal atmosphere. 

4. Use the Grand Piano as an Audio Source

Is there a piano aficionado in your home? Let their talents be heard over your home speaker system. You can switch to the piano as an audio source, then switch back toSpotify when the performance is over. 

5. Consolidate Your Remotes Into One 

One remote for the projector, another for the Blu-ray player, another for the speakers. It’s too much! Merge all your remotes into one with a smart home system. And if your one remote goes missing? Triple-tap a light switch. Your remote will start beeping, making it easy to find. 

6. Set the Scene for the Home Theater 

Want to feel like you’re really at the movies? We can create a custom scene that adjusts the lights, shades, and speakers in your private home theaterPress play and watch the lights dim gradually over ten seconds. When you press pause, the lights can automatically brighten to 30% until you play again. 

7. Set Parental Controls for TV & Video Games 

Home automation makes it easier to keep an eye on how your children use technology. You can program the TV and gaming systems to shut down at a specific time each night and set a volume limit to their devices. 

8. Give Your TV the Sports Bar Treatment 

Systems like Crestron or Savant let you split your display into multiple screens, a fun idea for game nights. Connect the TV to your whole-home audio system and enjoy the sounds of the game even as you walk away to the kitchen or bar.  

9. Extend to Outdoor Audio & Video 

Group weatherproof speakers or TVs into your multi-room system. Turn on all the outdoor speakers in one tap on your control panel and sync them to the same playlist as indoor speakers. Nights on the patio have never been so serene. 

10. Hide Projectors, Screens & TVs 

Embrace your inner minimalist with hidden AV. From a single voice command or tap on your remote, your projector, screen, or TV can disappear into the floor or ceiling, as if it was never there. 

Ready to bring these AV ideas into reality? Frangioni Media has installed luxury automation systems in homes worldwide. Contact us here to get started on your new smart home. 

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