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How These 3 Technologies Improve Your Home Theater Experience


Take Your Private Cinema to the Next Level by Upgrading Your TV, Audio, and Lights

Can’t go to the movie theaters? No problem! Bring the movies home to you by creating your own private cinema. Watch movies, TV shows, and live sports, as well as listen to your favorite songs in a dedicated room built for amazing sights and sounds. However, to do it right, it takes more than a TV and a soundbar. Create the perfect home entertainment space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Frangioni Media excels in providing custom home theater installation for homeowners in Palm Beach, FL, and around the world. Instead of settling for home entertainment that almost meets the mark, go above and beyond with our help. Keep reading to learn about the latest products you need to ensure an impressive movie-theater experience in your own home.


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Updating to a 4K UHD TV with HDR

You’re proud of your 4K TV you bought a few years ago. It’s got a 48” screen with 8 million pixels – much better than your old HD TV. But is it really providing the true theater experience you want? Today’s 4Ks boast ultra-high-definition displays, HDR (high-dynamic-range) imaging, extremely fast processing speeds, and other advanced technologies. You’ll notice the difference between an older 4K and a 4K UHD with HDR.

Instead of simply watching a movie in your home theater, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing it! The TV offers stunning clarity and sharpness with vivid color, contrast, and brightness. In addition to upgrading to a new 4K TV, consider a bigger one as well. An 85” TV ought to do it! If you want even bigger, go with a 4K projector. It delivers incredible images just like the 4K UHD TV, but the screen size can be 120” or larger.

High-Performance Audio & Acoustics

When watching a movie, you don’t want to hear the audio directly from the TV. That may work well in your living room, but not in your home theater. Instead, the sound should be all around you. Surround sound creates the fully immersive experience you need. When the jets fly by on the screen, you’ll feel the rumble in your chest. As the music score crescendos, you’ll hear every audio nuance. When the actors whisper “sweet nothings” to each other, you’ll feel it tickle your ears.

A true surround-sound system with wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and subwoofers (all fully calibrated for your room) transforms how you enjoy home entertainment. In addition to installing and setting up premium audio equipment, Frangioni Media provides soundproofing and acoustics to ensure your home theater is a separate space from your home. That way, you can enjoy your action movie without disturbing a family member in another.

Innovative Lighting Systems

Do you have a dark home theater? It doesn’t need to be pitch black. In fact, today’s projectors and TVs deliver amazingly bright images you can see clearly even with ambient lighting. But even if you like it completely dark during a movie, you can still update your lighting system to achieve an impressive ambiance when the lights are on. Today’s home theaters can have wall lighting, ambient lights on the floors, and even fiber optic lighting.

Best of all, if you have a smart home system, you can control all the lights and AV equipment by touching your tablet or using a smartphone app. If you have windows in your home theater, why not add motorized shades? When you’re ready for the film, push a button. Then, all the lights adjust, the shades come down, and the movie and audio start.

Take a trip to the movies by stepping into your own home theater! Find out how Frangioni Media gives your home entertainment space a modern makeover. Call us at (855) 957-5155 or fill out our contact form to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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