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David Frangioni

The Benefits Multiroom Audio Brings to Your Home


Effortlessly Enjoy Music Throughout Your Home with High-End, Whole-House Audio

Multiroom audio can completely transform the way you experience music in your smart home. Instead of limiting yourself to one room or having to wear earbuds and carry your smartphone around with you, multiroom audio allows you to hear the music wherever you go with a crisp, clear sound from high-end speakers.

Frangioni Media is a world-class professional installer in Miami, FL and throughout the world, but before we talk about how we can help bring the luxury of multiroom audio to your home, let’s uncover some of its most significant benefits.


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Effortless Control

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a multiroom audio system is that you have complete control over how you choose to listen to music, your favorite podcast, and other types of audio. Through in-ceiling speakers, a dedicated listening room, or outside in your backyard—you have the freedom to control your system right from your smartphone or tablet.

You can even create playlists for different rooms in your home. Stream ambient sounds in your office for optimal focus and productivity, listen to classical music in the living room while you enjoy a glass of wine before dinner, or enjoy a top-40 playlist in your backyard while lounging by the pool.

Anywhere Sound

Gone are the days of being limited to one room to enjoy a playlist or having to turn the volume all the way up while you move about your home. A multiroom audio system includes high-definition, wireless speakers installed throughout the rooms in your home that are integrated together so that each unit can be controlled jointly or separately from your automation app.

This feature allows you to take the music with you as you get ready for your day, clean your home, prepare meals, and entertain guests.

Expertly Installed Speakers

Working with a professional like Frangioni Media means you have a team of experts that can make any speaker installation work with your interior decor and personal preference. Whether you want soundbars and flexible wireless speakers, or flush-mounted speakers that protect your home’s decor and atmosphere, a professional installer can create the perfect soundscape without wasting time or money.

Are you ready to bring the luxury of multiroom audio to your home? Frangioni Media can help you build a world-class audio system and make expert recommendations. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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