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David Frangioni

The Sweet Sound of a Professionally Built Recording Studio


Why You Need an Experienced Studio Contractor to Design Your Recording Space

Thinking about building a recording studio? It may seem relatively straightforward. Add some sound padding, purchase the recording and mixing equipment, and “bam” – you’re done! But you might want to dial back your excitement a bit. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional with some experience in mixing tracks, it’s crucial to design a sound studio the right way, using the best equipment. If not, you won’t be pleased with the end product, and your recording artists won’t like it either.  Plus, nowadays, most studios need to have Dolby ATMOS surround play back capability which adds to the complexity of getting your new studio right!

There are several components you need to create the perfect recording studio. As an experienced recording studio contractor, Frangioni Media can design and build a studio space that rivals all others. Our founder, David Frangioni, has been a music technologist, surround sound expert and recording studio designer for more than 30 years. Keep reading to learn about the three components you need to have a professional sound studio.


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Monitors, Microphones, Computers, and More!

Learning about all the equipment you need for your studio is like falling down the rabbit hole. The deeper you go into the complex field of audio engineering, the more confusing it gets. You thought you needed several mics, some cables, monitor speakers (stereo or ATMOS surround), and a mixing board – but trust us – there’s much more to it. What about a computer, an audio interface, and recording software? Even after you determine the equipment you need, you fall further into the weeds, because you must decide the type, make, and model.  Most importantly, the chosen speakers and console actually help define the entire layout of the studio so it all fits together like a puzzle however you must understand every piece in order to get the best results.

Every aspect of your studio has an impact on the final master recordings. But don’t despair. That’s why Frangioni Media is here. We’ve built amazing sound spaces for clients in Miami and throughout the world. From selecting the right equipment to designing the actual recording space, we know how to ensure your studio is the ideal place to lay down some killer tracks and mix in Doby ATMOS surround sound.

Sound Proofing: Where You May Get It Wrong

Nobody wants sound bouncing off the walls. Can you imagine what your tracks would sound like? The guitar riffs bleed into open mics. The snare drum and cymbals being recorded are heard in the control room through the glass! You don’t want that. So, what’s your natural reaction? Sound control? Soundproofing (or absorption) is certainly needed in the recording studio. Also, any ambient noise outside your sound space needs to stay outside by utilizing proper isolation techniques and applications.

Sound treatment is primarily used in a mixing room. That’s where you need it to be as quiet as possible and accurate as possible for playback. You don’t want the room and playback sound to improperly “mix and mingle.” Also, a properly isolated and quiet room eliminates unnecessary noise, allowing you to focus on your work in the studio. That way, in the mixing room, you can concentrate on tweaking the tracks to perfection.

Sound Diffusion: Here’s Where It Gets Even More Fun!

Part of what your recording studio needs for acoustic treatment is sound diffusion. It’s the process of scattering sound waves to stop them from bouncing off the walls all at once. Sound diffusion produces richer sounds without echoing and creating a messy playback environment as well as recordings. A good diffusion design not only prevents a jumbled audio mess, but it makes sure every sound is evenly dispersed in your studio for inspired listening.

But here’s the catch. It’s not something you can do on a whim. Proper sound diffusion takes years of experience and even some mathematical expertise. So, unless you want to go back to school and brush up on your mathematics, it’s best to hire a professional recording studio contractor like Frangioni Media. We know how to design your studio, so all the sounds are aligned perfectly in your room.

Get started on your studio, stereo or Dolby ATMOS surround, by depending on Frangioni Media for recording studio design, consulting, and installation. Call us at (855) 957-5155 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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