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Home Recording Studio Essentials That Let You Record Like A Pro


Upgrade to a Luxury Studio Design

Everyone knows the basics of a home recording studio: a computer, digital audio workstation (DAW), microphone, studio monitors, cables, and instruments. But what if you want your studio to sound like a professional’s?

If you’re a musician or producer who’s serious about building the best possible recording studio, you’re in good hands. Frangioni Media is an expert in home recording studio design, crafting recording spaces for top artists and engineers in Miami, FL, and cities worldwide.

Read on to discover the next steps you’ll need to take your studio from amateur to pro.


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Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic treatments should be your number one priority getting started. If you don’t treat your room with the correct materials on the walls, floor, and ceiling, you’ll hear sound reflections and echoes in all your recordings. To contain voices and instruments and listen to them at their richest, fullest components, mount the correct panels on walls and carefully position furniture.   

Bass Traps

Low sound frequencies can wreak havoc on your recordings, especially in a smaller studio. To absorb bass sounds and avoid flutters, echoes, and vibrations, install bass traps in the room’s corners. Porous bass traps are made of acoustic foam, fiberglass, or mineral wool, while resonant absorbers use a vibrating panel to neutralize bass frequencies.


You’ll often find geometric panels or structures on the wall in pro studios, frequently made of wood. These are diffusers, and their role is to scatter sound waves around the room to prevent problematic acoustics in certain spots. When paired with absorptive materials, your room’s sound levels will be properly balanced.


Monitor Management

In high-end studios, sound engineers and producers need to compare how their tracks sound over a range of playback devices. A monitor management system lets you switch back and forth between different speaker monitors at the push of a button. Compare how your mixes sound on high-fidelity speakers, Dolby Atmos, then test them on cheaper models. You’ll notice flaws and details that you might not have caught otherwise.

MIDI Controller

If you’re recording with virtual instruments, a MIDI controller is a must. Otherwise, you’ll be playing instruments on a computer keyboard and mouse. The physical MIDI controller lets you play virtually any instrument you can imagine. A MIDI controller can be a keyboard, a pad controller, or a combination of both.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

If you’re recording and the computer abruptly shuts off, all your work could potentially be lost! Avoid the terrifying feeling of losing power during a session with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It works as a backup battery, giving you several minutes to safely power off your computer in the event of a blackout.

Professional Recording Studio Design

Do you want the best sound quality for your track or album? Do you want an inspiring environment in which to create your music?  Partner with Frangioni Media, a professional recording studio designer. We’ll expertly implement acoustic treatments, soundproofing, and technology so that the finishing results are platinum-record-worthy.

Ready to amplify your home studio? Contact Frangioni Media here for a no-obligation consultation today. And to learn more about high-end recording studios, sign up for our free monthly newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.  

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