Why Each Member of Your Family Will Love a Smart Home Installation


There’s Something for Everyone with Control4

If you’d like to add home automation to your residence but aren’t sure how the rest of your family will feel about it, have no fear. There’s something for everyone in an automated home.  

A smart home installation with luxury brands like Savant, Control4, and Crestron offers fun and convenience for people of all ages. As an experienced installer based in Miami, FL and cities worldwide, we’ll share the many options available to your household.


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The Movie & Music Lover

Treat the audiophile or movie fanatic in your house to a high-end system that’s simple to access and control. With a multi-room audio setup, you can select multiple speakers at once right from your control system’s app. Choose a playlist, lower the volume, or connect to the record player. Start a movie in the home theater, then finish it on another screen upstairs. Split your screen into multiple feeds, with your eye on two games at once. It’s all possible with home automation. 


The Worried Parent

Concerned about your home’s safety? Sync security devices to the same smart system to always stay in-the-know. Parents can ensure their kids return home safe with smart lock notifications and by remotely checking surveillance footage. At-a-glance icons will let you know which doors are locked, and you can arm and disarm alarms in one tap. Leaving town? Schedule scenes to toggle lights and TVs on and off, mimicking the appearance of an occupied house.  All integrated in one seamless App, no switching of Apps nor having to remember what control does what function.  It’s all there with the push of a button.


The Wellness Enthusiast

Smart technology and wellness? Yes, the two can coexist. We’ve all heard of the negative impacts of too much screen time. But home automation works invisibly to improve your lifestyle.

Smart tunable lighting will transition your light bulbs’ color temperature throughout the day. With bright, cool lights in the morning and warmer tones in the evening, the pattern will regulate your circadian rhythm for improved moods and sleep. Add air and water purification systems to your smart system, where you’ll schedule and activate the devices alongside your thermostats.


The Grandparents

Older generations may not have a reputation for being tech-savvy, but Savant, Creston, and Control4’s systems are intuitive to use for everyone. With all your technology controlled through one remote or app, it reduces the confusion of multiple remotes and buttons.

In one tap of a button, shades on hard-to-reach windows will instantly lower, and all the lights in the house will dim to golden hues. Forgot to lock the doors? Check the app for peace of mind. Everyone can enjoy the handiness of home automation.  


To bring home automation and integrated AV to your Miami, FL, residence, contact Frangioni Media. We can design and build a system tailored to your needs and desires.

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