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2 Critical Components of an Audio/Video Setup For Your Home Office


Equipping Your Home Office With the Best Audio/Video Solutions Is an Endeavor You Should Have Professional Help With

In today’s working world, more and more people are doing their jobs from home. This includes large teams of employees that are working on projects together. Meetings and conference calls are a daily occurrence for many companies whether their employees are working from home or not.

By now, everyone is familiar with applications such as Zoom and how important of a role it plays in making sure that meetings and conference calls are effective.

Residents in Palma Beach, FL and throughout the world look to Frangioni Media for their guidance in the area of audio/video solutions when it comes to creating a home office that is equipped to deal with the modern world.

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1. Speakers/Microphones

Having a great set of speakers is a key component of the modern home office. You need to be able to clearly hear people you are conferencing with via Zoom or any other audio/video conferencing application.

Speakers made by companies like JBL and Bose are considered the top of the list when it comes to choosing speakers to install in your home office but which ones exactly need to be custom determined based on YOUR home office layout.

Selecting a good microphone is also important for your audio/video conferencing setup. Often times, meetings are taking place only to be interrupted by feedback and loud echoes. This can disrupt important meetings.

Pairing the right microphone with the right set of speakers can reduce issues such as these along with selecting the overall design of the setup.

Our team of experts at Frangioni Media will make sure you pick a set of speakers and a microphone that is perfect for your home office along with the rest of the equipment that completes the setup.


2. A Display

If you are tired of hunching over your laptop to try to see every one of your colleagues or clients, then you will want to upgrade and get a properly sized TV to be used as your display for video conferences.

Having a display with great resolution will help to make sure that your interactions with others in a video conference are effective. You need to be able to connect with those you are interacting with, and the right or wrong display can make or break this situation.  Custom mounts, proper connectivity and easy control/switching are all a must to complete the setup.

Choosing the right TV that is the right size for your home office is an important decision to make. Consulting professionals is in your best interest when choosing components such as a display for your home office.


Let’s Get You Going With the Best Audio/Video Solutions for your Home Office Now

You can have an amazing home office that will positively affect your work experience from home. It starts by contacting Frangioni Media today.

Contact us here.

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