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David Frangioni

2 Critical Components to Include When Designing a Recording Studio


When it Comes to Having a Great Recording Studio There Is Much More Involved Than Expensive Microphones and Vintage Compressors

Although expensive equipment can take you far, it is the design of the room or facility that really makes a great recording studio.

The room or rooms within your recording studio play a vital role in the type of sound you will accompish on your finished recording product. Frangioni Media can take you from start to finish when envisioning your dream recording studio.

Recording studio enthusiasts in Miami, FL and throughout the world look to Frangioni Media for guidance on what components make up a great recording studio design.

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1. The Size of Your Monitors Should Be Appropriate for the Room They Are in

There is a delicate dance that takes place between your monitors and the size of the room that you have them in. Some people think that bigger the monitors are better and that they will sound great no matter what, but that’s not always the case.

Putting large monitors in small rooms is not a good idea as large monitors produce a great deal of low-frequency energy that takes up a ton of sonic space in a room. When you are listening to the playback of what you just recorded, it will sound muddy at best, which is horrible when it comes to recording your music.

This is why it’s important to have a professional look at your space, evaluate the best options and help you make a decision when buying monitors that will be used in said space. Using the right monitors are going to change the way you make music.

2. The Lighting in Each Room Has a Bigger Impact Than You Might Think

With all the mathematics that are factored into designing the perfect recording studio, it can be easy to forget what is most important—the performances that take place after pressing the record button.

If you have a world-class pianist coming in to record a somber ballad, you don’t want to have lighting in the piano tracking area that is reminiscent of a dentist’s office. You want to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

The right lighting can actually make or break a great performance. Making the performers of the music feel relaxed and at home should be high on the priority list of any great recording studio.

Let’s Start Designing Your Recording Studio Today

Don’t waste another second. Let us know how we can help you design the recording studio of your dreams.

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