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5 Exciting Ways to Leverage Your Smart Home Automation


Go a Step Further In Enjoying a High-End Experience From the Comfort of Your Home

Smart homes are no longer futuristic ideas made for science fiction movies. We now have the ability to experience fully-customized automation and home control thanks to home control industry leaders like Savant, Crestron, and Control4.

At Frangioni Media, we strive to help you elevate your lifestyle with home automation that brings a new layer of high-end technology and performance to your Palm Beach, FL, property. And the best part is that the technology blends seamlessly into your home without being obtrusive.

Keep reading below to learn five unique ways you can leverage your smart home installation!


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1.    Set the Scene

Creating scenes elevates the smart home automation experience to a new tier of luxury. Scenes allow you to program a variety of devices to work in sync with one another. Tap the ‘Good Morning’ button on the custom-etched keypad next to your bedside table to initiate a convenient chain of events. Motorized shades rise to let natural sunlight into the room, lamps and overhead lighting turn on to light the pathway to your shower, and your favorite news station begins playing so you can prepare yourself for the day. All of your devices working in tandem makes your life simpler.

2.    Make Lighting Work For You

With a combination of smart lighting, door sensors, and motion sensors, you can program lights in your home to automatically respond to your actions. Add a door sensor to the garage or bedroom. When motion is detected, the overhead lighting or lamps will turn on. When motion is not detected in the area for a specified number of minutes, the lights will turn off. There’s no need to worry about the kids leaving all the lights on anymore, and you can easily reduce your energy use this way.

3.    Keep Watch Over Your Home

Whether you’re sitting in your custom home theater or across the globe on a quick getaway, you can keep a watchful eye on your home with a smart security installation. You can receive text notifications when your surveillance cameras sense motion on your property, then immediately view the live footage. With a remote monitoring service, you can also let the security experts keep a watchful eye on everything if you’re predisposed or miss a smartphone alert.

4.    Prevent Costly Water Damage

Water damage is a common risk for any homeowner. Instead of waiting to walk into a flooded room or being shocked by your next water bill, be proactive and receive an immediate alert when a water leak is detected. By installing leak detectors in laundry rooms, under sinks, near the water heater, and on the main water supply line, you can mitigate potentially thousands of dollars of home damage.


5.    Enjoy Music Everywhere

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a busy workday, and your favorite music begins playing. The songs follow you everywhere, from where you drop off your work bag to the kitchen as you start preparing dinner. This can be automatic, playing music as you walk through the door, or you can press a button on a remote or smartphone. You could even say, “Alexa, play TIDAL,” to enjoy your favorite streaming station with fully functional multi-room audio.




The team at Frangioni Media are your smart technology experts, serving clients in Palm Beach, FL, and across the world. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities a luxury smart home installation can bring to your Florida home, connect with us now! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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