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Getting Started with NFT Art Collection and Display

Vertically wall-mounted flat panel in a home living area displaying NFT artwork.

Digital Technology Creates New Ways to Collect and Enjoy Original Art

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard of NFTs and are interested in what they’re all about. NFT – non-fungible tokens – are an application of the blockchain technology that powers today’s cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies get all the attention in blockchain, the technology allows for other innovative and useful applications. Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger technology that securely tracks records and transactions. The foundation of the concept dates back to the 1990s and digital rights management, a set of technologies designed to allow the free flow of digital assets on the internet and assign rules to protect how they could be used. Blockchain technology is useful in many more ways than cryptocurrencies, and one of the most popular applications thus far is NFT for digital artwork. 

As the world goes from physical to digital goods and experiences, art is following down that path. NFT technology allows creators and artists a way to work in digital mediums, limit reproduction, and assure authenticity. For collectors and enthusiasts, NFT offers a new way to collect and enjoy art free from the confines of the traditional art world. So how can you use NFT  displays for art collections in your Naples, FL, residence or business? Keep reading below to learn more. 

How Blackdove and Others Create Authentic Art Experiences with NFT Digital Art


Digital formats are easily reproducible, so JPEG-formatted photographs can be easily reproduced and copied everywhere. For an artist to maintain control over the use and the number of copies of a digital work, they need a technological way to protect it. Part of the allure of art collection is authenticity and scarcity, and NFT technology offers a way to manage that. For the creator, they can be assured a measure of protection of their work. For the collector, they can have the assurance of the authenticity of the work. Being a connected medium, another aspect of NFT that differs from physical art is that artists connect and engage with collectors, adding a new dimension to art collecting. 

Collecting and Displaying NFT Art

Just as eBay created new online markets at the start of the internet era, NFT and blockchain have created new market platforms for the distribution and sale of NFT art. Companies like Verisart have built platforms that let artists mint, certify, and sell their work across various markets. They also protect collectors who can be assured of the origin of the art and how many pieces will be available. The traditional art world can be elitist and exclusionary to artists and collectors, and NFT technology and markets provide an outlet for expression and monetization. 

Companies like Blackdove are building online platforms that make it easier to access and display NFT art. Blackdove’s subscription model creates a form of NFT art-as-a-service, providing displays and installation for a monthly subscription fee. Blackdove has also partnered with LG to make it even easier to bring NFT art to the high-end range of LG displays for residences and commercial environments


Are you looking to get into the world of NFT art collection and display? Frangioni Media designs and installs custom home technology solutions in cities worldwide, from Naples to Paris. Contact our team here to discuss your desires and learn more. Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates on our latest articles.

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