3 Incredible Things You Can Do with Home Automation


Enrich Your Fort Lauderdale Lifestyle with an Automation Installation  

What’s the difference between smart home control and home automation? Well, smart control lets you access and activate all your technology from your system’s app or through a voice assistant. Automation takes your technology a step further by starting on its own. Without telling your system to do anything, your lights, thermostat, and more will know what to do at the precise time, adjusting based on your preferences and schedules. 

So how does home automation play into real life? As technology experts, Frangioni Media performs custom automation installations in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and cities worldwide. We’ll share exciting ways smart technology will enhance your routine below.


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  1. Your LED Lights Change Automatically


Did you know that light is one of the direct influences on our circadian rhythms, aka internal clocks? The bright blue light of morning energizes us, and golden sunset colors prompt our brains to produce melatonin. Unfortunately, spending time indoors under artificial lights with screens throws our natural rhythms off-balance, disturbing our sleep and digestion patterns. But home automation addresses this problem head-on with tunable LEDs.


Through your smart system, your lighting fixtures will transition the brightness and color temperature throughout the day automatically. Bulbs will shift their appearance without your having to command a single thing, so you’ll enjoy the perfect atmosphere from breakfast to dinnertime.


  1. Technology Reacts to Each Other Automatically


Let’s say you’re in the home theater or media room and you power on the system to watch a movie. This action can trigger others to follow, like motorized blinds lowering, lights dimming, and the thermostat changing to a comfortable temperature. With an automation system like Control4 or Crestron, you can create When>>Then preferences that make your technology react to each other like dominos. If motion sensors in the front yard detect activity, for instance, they’ll trigger your exterior lights to shine and a camera to start recording.


  1. Transform Your Home’s Environment in Seconds


Imagine telling your voice assistant speaker, “Pool Time,” and your pool and hot tub jets start up, landscape lighting turns on, and outdoor audio starts playing. Or when it’s time for a workout, tap your ‘Workout’ setting, and immediately, the temperature of the room will lower and an upbeat playlist shuffles over the multi-room audio system. Maybe you schedule workout settings to start every day at five p.m. for extra motivation. No matter the mood, your house can automatically prepare the right ambiance for your activities in seconds with automation.


Isn’t home automation incredible? If you’re interested in a smart installation in Southern Florida and beyond, contact Frangioni Media here. To stay in-the-know on all things home theaters and smart technology, join our monthly newsletter.

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