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Hidden Speakers, Outdoor Audio & More: Whole Home Music in Miami, FL 

Whether you’re jamming to the Rolling Stones or entertaining yourself with a podcast—how do you currently enjoy audio in your house? Maybe you own a portable smart speaker or a stereo in the living room. But what happens when you walk away to get ready for the day, grab the laundry, or step outside? The music fades, and you can no longer hear it, missing the best part. You could wear headphones, but that cuts you off from your family and doesn’t allow music to be a background sound. 

The best solution? A multi-room audio setup, which brings music to every area of your Miami, FL, house. To uncover how it works, and can seamlessly fit into your daily life, read on below.


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Control Every Speaker from One System

If speakers in every room of your house seem overwhelming, have no fear. A professional, smart system will connect every device under one umbrella, so you can quickly turn on the house through your smartphone, tablet, or by voice command. Group speakers into rooms so that if you’d only like the first floor to play music or to play different tracks in the dining room, you can personalize the experience every time, quickly and easily.


Select High-End Speakers

If you want a superior auditory experience, the speakers you choose will make all the difference. High-tier speakers realistically recreate sound such as a live performance. Speakers that can produce full-range sound frequencies will replicate instruments as they were intended to be heard. The best speakers use rigid materials for their driver’s cones, like aluminum, polypropylene, glass, or clay. Avoid cheaper speakers that use thin materials for the cones like paper, as that sound will be distorted. Quality speakers, whether in the ceiling, wall, bookshelf or floor-standing form, will never sound flat when installed and configured correctly.


Hidden In-Wall Speakers

To avoid the sight of technology in every room, try hidden audio. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are installed similarly to recessed lights and will emit gorgeous sound without the clutter of boxed speakers. Grilles can be painted to match your wall colors for an evenly minimal experience. Even further, you can achieve ‘invisible audio’ by installing speakers within the walls and covered over. Or, even better, flush with the drywall, for sound that is crystal clear yet visually blended.  Music will still emanate clearly with no trace of technology or wires anywhere.


Whole-Home Means Outdoors, Too

Why limit music to the interior only? Add weatherproof, outdoor audio to your system, so the sounds continue on the patio, by the pool, and in the shade—wherever you spend time. Burial subwoofers bring bass notes to the yard so that you can enjoy sounds just as robust as your indoor setup. Built to endure all weather, you can leave outdoor speakers outside all year long.


Ready to upgrade the way you enjoy and discover music in Miami, FL? Contact Frangioni Media to discuss building a multi-room audio system today.

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