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David Frangioni

What Can I Automate in My Home?


If It Uses Electricity, You Can Likely Automate It.

In the age of voice assistants and video doorbells, it seems there’s a smart device for almost anything. But with a fully integrated smart system, like one by Control4, Savant, and Crestron, you’ll sync all your Miami, FL home’s devices into one platform, one App, one interface. You can even automate appliances and devices that you may not think of as ‘smart,’ like ceiling fans.

And what does home automation mean? Through home automation services, you can create custom scenes in each space to utilize over and over. With one press of a button, ‘Dinner Time’ can adjust the lights, turn on soft music, and lower motorized shades in the dining room. Or set automated schedules so that your landscape lighting turns on and off at the appropriate time every night.

For an idea of all, you can add to your smart system, we’ll share a snippet of what you can automate below.

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Lighting and Shades

With automated lighting and shades, you’ll not only save time on small tasks but can also conserve energy with dimming features and shades to keep rooms cool. Time-of-day can be tracked automatically without even pressing a button!  Of course, one button press on your phone or tablet can turn on lighting for any room or floor, not just one lamp. Tap ‘All Off’ to turn every light off at once as you leave the house and create a ‘Bedtime’ scene to set lights to a soft, warm glow.

Temperature Control

Imagine your AC automatically shutting off as you leave for work. Want to return to a cool house? Turn it on remotely from your smart app before you head home. Light the fireplace from your smart system and program your thermostat to adjust throughout the day as temperatures rise.

Energy Management  

Check your solar panels’ energy production or program your power storage system to turn on once electricity is lost. Measure your home’s energy consumption to see where you can cut back, and program your lights to never be at full brightness, saving electricity.


Consider your home already protected with an automation system. You’ll receive real-time alerts of any suspicious activity on your property. When the bell rings, your touch screen can immediately display the camera of who’s at the front door or gate.

Built-in alerts will let you know if the garage door has been left open for five minutes or longer, and ‘Mockupancy’ scenes trigger lights and shades to make it look like someone is always home. Create temporary passwords for your smart locks if guests are visiting, and check your locks’ status from anywhere in the world, right from your system’s app.

Hot Tub & Spa

Want to enjoy a swim after dinner, or once you return home from work? While you’re preparing, tap on your pool or jacuzzi to turn on the jets and set the ideal swimming temperature. The water will be ready and waiting for you just as you step outside.


From the patio to the bedroom, you can stream music in every room of your house, easily controlling the song selection and volume from your phone or tablet. Activate certain zones of your multi-room music, then turn off others. Enjoy your record player over the system or create a ‘Music’ scene that automatically dims lights and sets the volume to your preferred level.

Home Theater

By activating a ‘Movie Time’ scene, your home theater’s projector can descend instantly from the ceiling, and motorize shades will block out any ambient light. Triple-tap a light switch to find the remote, and when you press ‘play’ for the movie, lights will instantly dim.

Everything that we discussed above is controlled from ONE app, one user experience that’s fast, reliable, and convenient for any size home!


Want to bring home automation to your Miami, FL residence, or to wherever you are in the world? Frangioni Media is a global and local expert in all smart technology, installing systems in homes worldwide. Contact us here to discuss your home’s needs or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our luxury home services.

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