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David Frangioni

The 5 Essentials That Make A Home Theater


Home Theater Solutions for Your Palm Beach, FL Residence

At what point does a room with a large screen become a home theater? If you want to experience movies the way filmmakers intended—with immersive visuals and robust audio—a professional home cinema can take you there.

In the industry, we define private theaters by five key components. What are they? Check off these home theater solutions below for the ultimate entertainment in your Palm Beach, FL home.


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  1. HDTV of Correct Size for Viewing Distance

It’s one thing to have an Ultra-HD screen, but we make sure our display dimensions are proportionate to seating placement. If a screen is too large and close to seats, visuals feel tiring and overwhelming. And if the screen is too small, it won’t feel like a theater at all. As home technology professionals, we carefully measure our seating so that every viewing angle is comfortable. Generally, you want seats to be situated at a distance three times the screen’s height with a sightline of a 15-degree angle.


  1. A 5.1 Surround Sound Setup

Audio is everything in film. It warns us that something scary is around the corner, makes us weep for characters as a piano melody starts, and takes us into the chase of action scenes. An authentic home theater uses a 5.1 surround sound system. But what does 5.1 mean?

The number five represents the number of speakers in your setup, typically two left and right speakers at the front, two rear left and right speakers, and a center channel speaker. The number one refers to one subwoofer for low-frequency bass sounds. 5.1 is an excellent starting point. Home theater owners can go beyond that number, adding another subwoofer or Dolby Atmos upward-firing speakers.


  1. Digital HD Source

Modern home theaters call for high-definition content. Many contemporary projectors offer native 4K technology, and OLED flat screens offer superior color accuracy. Ultra-HD essentially means an image has 4,000 pixels, with 4K being slightly wider. HD hardware must be able to play HD media sources for the full effect, which requires more bandwidth if you’re streaming.


  1. Smart Lighting Control

At the movies, the lights above stay low for the previews then fade to black just in time for the main attraction. Once the credits roll, lights gradually brighten, bringing you back to the present. In your theater, you’ll want intuitive control of lights and shades to eliminate ambient lighting. LEDs and neon lights can also highlight the room’s design features. From one press of a button on your phone or through voice command, you can lower motorized shades, dim lighting, and transform the atmosphere in seconds.


  1. An Integrated Control System

What good is all of your technology and access to streaming services if it takes half an hour to prepare? With a smart system, you can activate and enjoy your home theater in an instant. Custom settings like "Movie Time" will automatically prompt the room's devices so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever your heart desires.

Are you ready for a luxury home theater in your Palm Beach home? Frangioni Media specializes in designing, building, and installing premium home theaters. Contact us here to get started. 

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