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Start The New Year With A Home Automation Installation


Ring in 2021 with These Smart Home Benefits

Homeowners worldwide are starting 2021 with new technology to make their time at home more comfortable and convenient. At Frangioni Media, our best recommendation is to install a home automation system in your Naples, FL home.

A smart home system brings all the connected devices in your home together to provide simple control and help you get the most out of your smart technology. Keep reading to uncover some of the benefits you’ll reap in the new year once your professional home automation installation is complete.


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Effortless Control

Smart home automation has one primary purpose—to help your home be efficiently operated. A home automation system gives you complete, seamless control of every connected smart technology (wired or wireless) on your property regardless of how large your home or estate is (we’ve installed systems in estates over 40,000 square feet).

For instance, adjusting your lights has never been easier. Forget about leaving your comfortable spot in bed. Simply make the changes on your smart home touchpad or from your smartphone. Want to play music while you cook dinner for your family? Select a playlist on your phone and play it through the whole-home audio system. A connected home gives you ultimate control over your technology to live as comfortably as possible at the push of a button.

Next-Level Comfort

With all the time we’ve been spending at home this year, we should make it feel as comfortable as possible! Installing a smart home system from Crestron, Control 4 or Savant allows you to use technology to make your daily life easier and more comfortable. With automated lighting control, your home automation system automatically closes your shades in the evening and turns your lights on. A smart thermostat makes sure your home is at the right temperature when you arrive home, while a whole-home audio system wakes you up with exactly the music you want to hear.

Smarter Security

If you want world-class security, you’ll have to say goodbye to any older security systems. New smart systems include automatic locks, surveillance cameras with night vision, artificial intelligence technology, and more. The best part of today’s smart security systems is the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors and arms while disarming your system right from your centralized app, no switching among apps, everything to control your smart home is within THE SAME APP!

Energy Savings

Another benefit you’ll notice after your home automation installation is a reduction in your monthly energy bill. The potential for energy savings and minimizing your carbon footprint is high when you leverage smart lighting control, motorized window treatments, and climate control. Occupancy sensors also keep energy usage low while always delivering hands-free light.

Smart LED lighting uses less electricity. In addition, it can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times to ensure no lights are left on unnecessarily. Your motorized window treatments can work in tandem with your smart thermostat to lower during the warmest parts of the day, so your air conditioning doesn’t work overtime. These conditional settings also protect valuable art and furniture from the elements.


If you’re ready to experience the luxury of a home automation installation, Frangioni Media is here for you. Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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