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How to Build Your Ideal Recording Studio


The Steps to Perfecting Your Sound

The power of a great recording studio is that you can take what’s in your head and make it a reality in a form that’s easily shared. The challenge of designing a space that allows you to easily create can be daunting. There are so many factors that can affect the sound from the acoustics to the mixing equipment. If you are looking to create a recording space--whether it be for a commercial establishment or your personal home—then you may be feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, Audio One has had years of experience developing finely-tuned studios to match the needs of our Miami, FL customers. To learn more about the process, continue reading. 


Finding the right space for your recording studio can make or break the end results. There are a few factors to consider when making this important decision. 

  • Select a space without a lot of background noise. You will probably want to avoid choosing a room with an outside wall. You may be interrupted by traffic or a neighbor’s lawn work.
  • In general, you probably want to select a fairly large room. There should be enough space for all your equipment with some room for moving around and relaxing. Remember, you may need to spend some long hours in here.
  • Look for a “suite” of rooms, or smaller spaces that are connected. You may want to separate your recording space and your mixing space
  • Look for a room with good acoustics. An audio expert can help you determine this, but in general look for high ceilings, hard floors (carpet absorbs sound), and asymmetrical walls.


Once you have selected your space, you can begin to lay out where your equipment will go. In most recording studios, there will be two major systems to set up: the recording and the monitoring systems. The recording system records the sound while the monitoring system is how you listen to the playback and perform the mixing and editing. Before you start bringing in equipment, figure out what you need for each system and where that will fit in the room.

You will also need to design the signal pathway that leads from your input source through a recording interface into the editing software and finally into an analog signal that allows you to hear the end result.


Even though you’ve selected a relatively quiet room, you don’t want any outside sound interrupting your recording process. You will probably need to do some work on the acoustics of the room as well to achieve your best sound. A professional treatment will lead to the best results.


Finding the right equipment and making sure that everything works together seamlessly is of the utmost importance to your studio. Here are a few things to know about the most important tools you will need to create quality recordings:

  • Computer: If you are going digital, you will need a computer with a lot of RAM. At every moment of the recording process, your computer will have a lot on its plate. So avoid missing the perfect cut because of a lagging computer system.
  • Audio Interfaces: Also called AD/DA Converters, these will help translate your sound from analog to digital, so that you can mix and edit and back again for listening. The interface you select will depend upon what you’re recording and what other equipment you are using. This is why it is so important to map out your system ahead of time.
  • Microphones: You want to make certain that you are using quality microphones. You can’t produce great quality music or recordings without good raw input. Most studios use a combination of dynamic and condenser microphones. The dynamic mics are good for loud sources, while the condenser mics deal better with more delicate sound.

To create an ideal space, make sure that you’re working with an expert. It’s easy to make a wrong turn when it comes to equipment.

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Audio One partners with some of the top manufacturers in the recording business and has the experience to put together a top-notch system that matches your needs. Contact us today to see why some of the top names in music have trusted us with their sound. 

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