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David Frangioni

How Acoustic Treatments Maximize Audio Performance

Modern luxury Miami home theater with custom acoustic treatment for improved audio performance.

Acoustic Treatments Fix Audio Issues in Spaces Large and Small

You might think that exceptional audio performance, whether in a home theater, auditorium, or even a restaurant, is just a matter of selecting an audio system and speakers. Of course, the selection, design, and installation of the system make a huge difference, but there are some issues even the best equipment can’t solve. 

It’s all about the physics of sound and how sound interacts with the physical environment in which it plays. Sound reflects off walls and ceilings. So, different room layouts, materials, and construction affect the sound quality. The solution is in the careful application of acoustic treatments, which can fix these issues for audio that sounds natural, full, and rich in any space and any seat. 

Let’s explore four ways acoustic treatments can improve audio performance in spaces from residential to commercial settings in Miami, FL. 

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Home Theater

Most rooms aren’t acoustically perfect, and home theaters are no exception. With multichannel surround sound speakers in walls and ceilings working to create an immersive effect, it's easy to have issues with reflections and bass performance. Add in the fact that you want to balance the sound so that it is the same in every seating position. While expert calibration of the audio system will help, most theaters also need acoustic treatment. Acoustic treatment in theaters may involve in-wall and on-wall panels to absorb harsh reflections. In addition, bass traps can help balance out low-frequency sounds, so they're not too much in one part of the room and practically non-existent in another.  This can be done in an aesthetically pleasing manner using stretched fabric and other methods. 

Listening Rooms

Home theater spaces are not the only rooms that can benefit from acoustic treatment. Two-channel hi-fi audio systems can use acoustic help. In addition to proper speaker positioning, like toe-in and distance from walls, helping to optimize sound, you must consider that high-performance audio systems are incredibly revealing. While you want the sound from the system to be just as the artist and recording engineers intended, some music may overpower a room with sibilant reflections or too much bass. Just as in a home theater, proper application of acoustic treatment will not only help but optimize the performance of the system.


Large spaces like auditoriums have their own sound issues. Some rooms are expertly designed for audio performance, but most of these spaces still need acoustic treatment to tame echoes and reverberation. Acoustic panels along the side and back walls reduce these issues with most audio types. Acoustic canopies (panels hung from ceilings) are also sometimes necessary to prevent sound from going too high into hard ceiling surfaces and creating audio harshness. 


In both residential and commercial spaces, soundproofing might be necessary to keep sound from entering or bleeding out into adjacent areas. For home theaters or listening rooms near a bedroom wing, soundproofing treatment helps keep sound out and from bothering sleeping children or guests. For auditoriums, conference rooms, and other spaces, soundproofing drowns out noise from adjacent areas or keeps sound in to avoid disrupting outside areas. 


Need help with maximizing sound performance in your spaces? Frangioni Media designs and installs custom acoustic treatment solutions in cities worldwide, from Miami to Paris. Contact our team here to discuss your project and learn more!

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