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David Frangioni

Give Your Favorite Songs And Movies A Sound Upgrade


Enjoy Music and Movies Like Never Before with Two-Channel Audio and a Hi-Fi Audio System

Who doesn’t love playing music for all different occasions? Music moves us, both literally and emotionally. That’s what makes an innovative Hi-Fi audio system and two-channel audio in your Fort Lauderdale, FL home so critical. Experience your favorite songs in a deeper and more meaningful way with Frangioni Media.

Read on to learn why both residents and professional musicians around the world swear by our Hi-Fi audio more than any other brand.

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Experience Music In A Powerful New Way

With more people spending time at home these days, good quality music has never been more needed and valued! Whether you play music you own on CD or vinyl, or stream through a popular platform like Spotify or Tidal, a Hi-Fi audio system brings out the best qualities of each. You won’t get nearly the same quality by listening through earbuds. Discover subtle beats and synchronisms of your favorite songs with a very high quality audio playback system, you’ll hear things in familiar songs that you have never heard before!

The audio systems of yesteryear often delivered muddy-sounding quality in mid-range. Also, older systems can play higher notes that sound more like screeching. This is because of a lower quality bass reproduction, inadequate speakers, and a room that lacks the proper acoustics and treatments.  A professional installer will not only set up brand new equipment using the best and highest quality technology but will also install the system with the specific aspects and design of your living room (or any room you choose), so the sound comes through perfectly in your unique space.

Enhance Movies With Better Quality Soundtracks

Even the movies you’ve seen hundreds of times will sound better played through a Hi-Fi audio system. Hear elements of dialogue you never noticed before, and enjoy an enhanced soundtrack as well. You can enjoy your favorite movie so much more (especially if you’re watching in your personal home theater) when the conversations between characters come through much clearer, and sound effects are amplified to make you feel like you’re a part of the film.

Benefits Of Two-Channel Audio

Get ready to experience music the way your favorite artists always intended. These unique speakers are positioned at an equal distance apart, depending on the parameters of your living room, perfectly balanced from the seat to the listener. The name “two-channel” refers to a left and a right channel, creating an impression of listening from various directions, which is how we hear sound naturally out in the world. This form of listening replicates the music as it sounded when originally recorded.  Original Master Recording.

Upgrade Your Home Audio System Today

Ready to change up the way you enjoy your music and movies? A custom Hi-Fi audio system and two-channel audio from Frangioni Media can change your life! We are a premiere studio builder, sought out by world-famous musicians and rock stars. Our client list includes Ozzy, Aerosmith, Journey, and other big names in the industry. We are sought out by people who want the best available audio. Contact us today (and subscribe to our newsletter) to find out how you can transform the sound of your home.

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