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Building a Home Theater? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes


Common Home Theater Oversights to Look Out For

It’s a widespread belief that a home theater should replicate the exact experience of the movies. We disagree—it should actually be much better! With immersive sound, 4K visuals and seats in perfect view, you should enjoy films and shows as the creators intended yet in the safety and comfort of your own home.

If you’re contemplating a home theater installation for your Miami, FL, home, there are a few potential blunders to look out for. A home theater is not like your living room TV set up; it takes care and attention to make all the moving parts work together. Read on to make sure you don’t make these mistakes!


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Mistake #1: The Screen is Not Proportionate to Seating

Many people think of their projector screen first, then consider where their seats will go. But ideally, you need to measure the room’s dimensions and factor where seats will go first so that your screen has a 15-degree sightline angle for all viewers. A screen that’s too massive is overwhelming and tiring. Ideally, seats should be a specific distance away from the screen based on the its height.


Mistake #2: You Forget to Soundproof the Theater

Have you ever been to a theater to see a comedy or drama, and during an important scene, you hear the booming and shaking of an action movie next door? It’s distracting, to say the least. Your household won’t appreciate the home theater if the rest of the house is forced to listen to your surround sound whenever it’s on. Enjoy late night films in peace with a soundproof, properly treated and isolated, room that contains the noise.


Mistake #3: Placing Speakers Inside a Cabinet or Furniture

You don’t need to do this. Speakers already have their own cabinets that are designed to make audio sound its best. When you put a speaker inside a box that’s not designed for audio, you’ll distort and muffle the sound. If you want to hide bulky speakers, opt for in-wall or in-ceiling speaker installations instead OR have a properly built enclosure designed to house the speakers. High-quality audio will emanate from the walls without a trace of equipment.


Mistake #4: Trying to DIY All by Yourself

If you want a luxurious, professional home theater, trust the design and installation of an expert. Yes, you may be able to assemble a screen, projector, receiver, and speakers yourself if you’re handy. But what about incorporating it all plus smart lighting and shades into one control system? In a single press of a button or voice command, it’s movie time. Surround sound requires a delicate arrangement for the best results, and to keep wires hidden discreetly in walls, you’ll do best to enlist help from a professional. The finished project will be stunning when done right from the beginning.


Is your Miami, FL home ready for a new private theater? Contact Frangioni Media to get started on your theater design today.

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