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5 Tips for Ensuring Your Recording Studio Is Soundproof


Make sure your New York recording studio installation goes smoothly with these tips

A home recording studio offers many benefits to musicians. It can be overwhelming to build a studio, but it doesn't have to be. When installing a recording studio, soundproofing is the most crucial step in ensuring that your recordings will be as clean as possible. Whether you DIY or use an acoustic designer, check out these tips for maximizing the insulation of your room in New York.


Close Gaps

Close all gaps in door and window frames; sound can escape from even the smallest of gaps. Close door gaps by adding a door sweep on both the inside and the outside of the door. Hang curtains or add foam weather-sealants to soundproof windows. Finally, add soundproofing duct liner to insulate line heating and cooling ducts.

Minimize Audio Reflection

Sound reflects off of hard, flat surfaces, which can ruin any recording. Cover the floor and walls with thick fabric to prevent reflective sound from muddling your sessions. There are also soundproof materials that you can buy that are the most effective at blocking noise from reflecting. Remember that cheaper materials don't always work. Mattresses or cartons will not stop sound from reflecting.

Avoid Shared Walls

Don't upset your neighbors or roommates. Avoid recording in rooms that have shared walls. Build your recording studio on a wall that faces the outside of the building. Add a false ceiling to avoid bothering people upstairs and install more massive doors. Finally, if you have a shed or a garage, consider setting up your recording studio there to prevent noise from bothering others.

Denser Drywall

If you are building a room from the ground up, use thick drywall (1.6cm) to absorb sound. This will also prevent noise from bothering other people in the building. For extra protection, use sheet block on the wall, then cover it with thin, fake drywall.

Acoustical Caulk

Acoustical caulk glue is another easy way to soundproof your recording studio. It can be applied to wall frames when building a room to effectively soundproofing a room. Ordinary caulk can be used in conjunction with this to provide the best soundproofing possible.

Are you interested in building a luxury home recording studio of your own? There are many things to consider. The most established names in music have trusted us with their music. Don’t worry about soundproofing your home; we are experts and have you covered. We will put together a top-of-the-line system to meet all of your needs. Give us a call or fill out our online form today!

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