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As a proud South Florida resident, I was thrilled to be a guest on WTVJ 6’s Luxury Lifestyles with host Victoria Randolph.

Victoria and I discussed growing up and overcoming some significant challenges. Later, we dug into how I came to work with some of the biggest musical acts in history and explored how my company--Audio One--came to be one of the most successful brands in high-end home-technology systems.

It was my background as a musician that allowed me to evolve into a leading technologist in the high-end A/V industry. After working with some of the world’s top artists, they would often ask for my help designing and installing audio technology in their own homes and studios. That’s how Audio One was born.

Victoria and I wrapped up by discussing how I stay on top of the ever-changing world of A/V technology, what new tech is coming, and who’s developing it. I brought up two important pieces of amazing tech from a company called Port Design. One of them is a colossal 210-inch television, and the other is a smart home compatible folding outdoor speaker that allows for tremendous sound and easy storage.  

Thank you to Luxury Lifestyle’s Victoria Randolph and the whole NBC 6 Miami team!


Twitter: @audioonetech

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